Ski Full Tilt 3D iPhone and iPad Game

We’ve just launched our new iPhone/iPad game Ski Full Tilt 3D!

After many months of development, we’ve finally finished our ski game – in time for Spring skiing fun! Do visit the Apple App store and give us a review (though please go easy on us since it’s our first game).  We plan on adding levels and providing a multi-player version shortly as well, so stay iTuned! 🙂

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Full Tilt Ski 3D lets you ski down the mountain using easy tilt movements. It uses real-world physics and high resolution terrain to simulate carving turns, flying snow and big air jumps. The position of your device is in when you load the game each time determines the neutral position. Tilt forward or back and side to side to ski, or attach your device to your body and be the mountain!

You can choose between two levels;

1) Single Run: This is a race against the clock, where you try to outrun huge boulders all the way down to the finish line while avoiding race faces as you ski down a tight colouir.

2) Infinite Run: Do jumps, pull off tricks without wiping out and grab as many coins as you can to gain points. Do this while dodging fast moving rocks that could ragdoll you until your head spins.

UPDATE: Download Mobile Ski Starter Package code on the Asset Store here.