Ski Full Tilt 3D App Launched for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android

Just in time for Spring skiing, we’ve launched our skiing app on iTunes!¬† Downloads are coming in fast already, especially from France, Italy and the rest of Europe. ¬†Please check it out and give it a rating and review. Here’s a demo video of the tilt controls for the game below (sorry for the poor quality, I’m working on that!).

UPDATE: Now available on Android / Google Play



  1. OK I’m curious. I’ve done some Unity3d work for mobile and I see your skiing starter kit for sale in the asset store for $45. If I were to buy that and maybe make some changes to the graphics, changed the name, and maybe added some in-app purchases, you’d be ok with my app competing against yours? That seems strange, but ok with me. Sorry to leave you a message this way but I don’t see any other way to get hold of you. Please email me so we can discuss it.

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