Drive skier visits with an interactive 3D ski game for your resort

Attracting new visitors to your ski resort can be challenging.  Your website will do a good job of showing your terrain, trails as well as on site services.  However, a 3D ski game using actual terrain can really set your resort apart from the rest. View our ski resort demo.

Using leading industry Unity3D game development software, we are able to create a high resolution 3D skiing simulation customized to your resort.  It will add local buzz with an online high score system that allows users to play online using any browser.  We can overlay your actual resort trail map over top of real terrain pulled from GIS tools including Google Earth. We develop customize terrain features such as location specific trees and mogul fields.

To help you boost skier visits, we can;

  • create a customized terrain park and even replicate your lodge or chairlift.
  • add multiple levels representing different parts of your mountain
  • insert additional 3d characters or models into your terrain and game
  • add a custom soundtrack using original recordings
  • develop a promotional contest for a free seasons’ pass giveway based on high scores
  • adapt your game for iPhone or Android devices

Click below to view our live demo of Whitewater Ski Resort here in Nelson, BC Canada.

NEW! You may also wish to buy this entire Ski Game Starter Kit project on the Unity Asset Store.


  1. awww dang it … you guys beat me to it ! everything i think i’m having an original idea 🙁

  2. I meant “every time”

    anyway . good job you guys. I’m not giving up on my game though … it shall be BETTER than yours muhahaha . I’m hitting those books, and tutorials twice as hard now … beware!, you now have an east cost competitor ! lol

  3. Not, to nitpick. But the physics seem unrealistic. The skiers movements don’t have any aggression and thereby the controls are too passive.

  4. Well, an idea is only as good as it’s execution! 🙂 Check out the demo now live on this page… added 2 levels, adding more, plus ski tracks, more tricks etc over the next little while… Good luck to you in your studies.

  5. I like input like this…. you could download the package now and tweak the physics as you like!
    Ski Game Starter Kit is now live on the Asset store! 🙂

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